Finding Inspiration

I seek inspiration to transcend. I look for it everywhere When I am not looking, it bumps into me or flies overhead.

In recent months I have found inspiration in:

Fog at low tide

A Russian couple hunting for mussels at the South Jetty

Two old dogs named Bonnie and Clyde



Thin Lizzy’s “The Cowboy Song”

Bob Seger’s “Strut”

Eating radishes from the garden

The writings of Rachel Carson

The cheap crispness of a frosty Rainier on a 85-degree day.

Driftwood forts

Counting tree rings

A battered bald eagle

A 1976 book about the Chinook Indians that is the best book about the Columbia River I have eve read

Flying the Oregon state flag with a stick of beaverwood as a pole

Scenes from the ancient basketball movie, One on One

A stranded sea lion pup who fought for life

Friends who help me with my yard

A friend who found me a toy boat

A friend who gave me magic healing potions

A friend who gave me a boss zip-up hoodie emblazoned with the logo of a local butcher shop

Flywheel mowers

A former student who sought help in writing a eulogy for his best friend

A friend who keeps writing me letters worthy of being called literature and will be visiting very soon

People and artists who live utterly different and are not derivative in their art or personalities

An elderly man who will give me a chance

A $52.46 royalty payment from Amazon

Godfather’s Books

Readers who still seek out my books

People who still want to take writing classes from me

People already gearing up to go to work in 2018 to reclaim the country

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