Blues Brothers Backpack

It was a bright frosty urban morning and I walked to the post office to mail some of my books to new readers. Somehow they keep finding me and I express my highest gratitude for their support. It keeps Nestucca Spit Press in business and 2021 promises to be our most ambitious year yet.

So there I was sporting my trusty corduroy coat and Fort George stocking cap when I heard music, what vaguely sounded like soul music, coming from across the block. I looked that direction and spotted a rotund masked man carrying a backpack strapped over his shoulders. Dangling from the backpack was a tiny speaker that was blasting—if blasting is the word—out the music.

I heard horns and the unmistakable swagger of instrumental soul music. I couldn’t place it, but then I did. It was a tune from the Blues Brothers’ Briefcase Full of Blues. I could not believe my ears! What in name of a cocaine-addled John Belushi was this man broadcasting this classic album through a tiny speaker dangling from his backpack during the middle of a pandemic and not long after a thwarted government coup?

Hot damn! I love this album and used to own it. Jake and Elwood and the all-star band backing them! Play it Steve! The suits! The blow! The harmonica riffs! The mad dancing on the SNL skits! Oh to listen to this CD again. I can’t download it because I have never downloaded a single music track in my life and never will. A man can only buy Exile on Main Street so many times!

What the hell! I thought. No need to find the CD. I’d just follow the man and listen to the entire album this fine morning and then mail the books later.

I was positively giddy at the prospect!