Androsov’s Fort

A fort appeared in the distance. The ball dog and I detoured off course from our beach romp to investigate. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to see a fort. Maybe I’ll find a third dildo inside a driftwood fort.

A few minutes later, the dog was lounging in a sturdy and roomy fort with his ball and I was marveling at something I’d never encountered in thousands of fort inspections. The builder had carved their name and a number on a beam and used charred wood from a old beach fire to blacken the words and numeral. It was simply and expertly done. It was so well done it looked like someone had used a router!

The words read BUILT BY ANDROSOV 61

Androsov! A Russian fort builder?! I presumed the 61 represented the year of Androsov’s birth. But I would never know for sure. I do love these fort mysteries. I also love imagining what Androsov the Russian Fort Master might do to the Fort Destroyer should he or she ever encounter that person in the act of destruction.

I sometimes name my forts, using charred wood or a pen that’s washed ashore. I’ve never signed my name to one. I applaud Androsov for making this magnificent fort and I actually liked having a name attached to one, especially a foreign sounding one. He surely knows the fort won’t last but he put his name on it anyway. His information gave me and others someone to thank. This fort can sleep three, host makeout and meditation sessions, facilitate a haiku festival or a spiritual overhaul much like having a car put up on its chassis.

Well done sir or madam. Build on Russian brother or sister.