When the Weird Turn Pro

Going on 48 straight hours. When the rain gets weird, the weird turn pro. Now is the time to turn pro.

Eight to 12 inches forecast for this stretch. It will flood here and there, maybe everywhere.

I always notice how hard rain on the Oregon Coast erodes the infrastructure: roads, bridges, dykes, culvert, fields, houses, etc. What we build to rely on seems so flimsy compared to hard rain. I also notice how people come to rely on each for a different kind of help after relentless, overpowering rain.

My rain book is out there. Someone is reading it as I write this.

Not too long ago, someone dear to me, called up late at night, (it was raining) and read passages about us from the rain book. I could not detect the tenor in the reader’s voice. She was drunk, however.

The post office hasn’t opened yet. Someone couldn’t make it through.

The summer forest fire season in the area is officially over. Oh how the conservative politicians loathe that! They want more forest fires to torch federal land so they can blame cougars for the torching. When conservative politics come face-to-face with commonsense ecology, the former places ideology over those things as concrete in fact as gravity. It is something to behold to hear a politician blame cougars for forest fires and sea lions for the decline of fake salmon.

These men and women are immune to the great notion of reflecting upon what rain can mean.

Rain brought the internet and cable television down! Rejoice in the absence! Local teachers might have to teach!

I pick up a Western set in the desert with cunning Apaches while the rain six guns the roof.