Nestucca Spit Press Business Wordsmithing


Launching and running successful small businesses is hard work. It requires owners to demonstrate excellence in a wide variety of skills, including communicating effectively with customers and the media via the written word. Many small business owners neglect or overlook this vital aspect of their operations. Clear, well-written expression can help businesses prosper. Bad writing invites failure. Good words matter. 

Ask yourself the following questions about your business:

  1. Have I perfected the words customers read about my business on my web site, social media platforms, press releases and other print media? Am I even satisfied with them? Could I have done a better job in this department?
  2. Is the copy on my web site stale or outdated? Have I put off revising what I know needs revising?
  3. Am I telling the story I want to tell about my business? Do I need a fresh one to rebrand and attract new customers?
  4. Do I have confidence in my ability or one of my employees’ ability to write good copy?

Nestucca Spit Press Business Wordsmithing can help your small business update, energize or totally rebrand its editorial content. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and won’t take a lot of time. It could make a crucial difference. I know I can help your business because I founded and run a successful independent publishing company and have helped many other small Oregon businesses succeed as well. 

Matt Love, Publisher of Nestucca Spit Press, author of 17 books about Oregon, winner of 2009 Holbrook Literary Legacy Award, Editor of NSP Author Machine and Business Wordsmithing Services

Wordsmithing Clients

In addition to writing books and contributing hundreds of articles to a dozen Pacific Northwest publications, I have provided editorial services for breweries, Chambers of Commerce, taverns, wellness centers, RV parks, conservation, arts and animal rescue organizations, a national seafood distributor, authors, musicians and filmmakers. I develop a unique relationship with all my clients and take a personal interest in their success. I deliver what clients want in a timely fashion and also pitch new ideas for content and marketing that help businesses distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

Wordsmithing Services (Contact me via web site for rates)

  • Web site/social media platform editorial evaluation and revision
  • Copy for print and online newsletters or brochures
  • Business proposal writing, evaluation and revision 
  • Grant proposal writing, evaluation and revision
  • Press releases for products, services and events
  • Presentation evaluation and revision
  • Business biographies and testimonials
  • Guerilla print media marketing