The Fort Destroyer Continued…

I responded with two forts. Fort fairies built two others. I saw them all standing on Saturday morning. When I checked Sunday morning, they had all been destroyed. I noticed a fat motorcycle track leading up to each fort. Mad Max tire tracks. It’s illegal to drive on this beach. No way anyone would have done it during daytime. You’d easily be seen and busted.

The Fort Destroyer had ridden his motorcycle on the beach in darkness and annihilated the forts. He might have even rigged up kelp to help tear them down.

I create, he destroys. Others create, he destroys. A friend suggested I was helping him work through issues. I liked that notion! Destroying a fort as a therapy! Why not? Building them helped me work through issues. I really loathe the word issues in this context. It’s a zero word, like entitlement or appropriation or resonate or dappled or socialism.

The Fort Destroyer really did a number on one of my person favorites. He even took off with the cut log round I had positioned for a stool!

But he did me a favor. This fort had become too big, the entryway too small, the meditative space too tiny. I pulled the wreckage apart this morning and, at 6:30 am, built a new fort that could sleep a homeless family, and probably will tonight. They will be shielded from wind and possibly rain. They can make a fire inside and hear the ocean while the flames hiss and crackle.

I’m not going to stop creating forts, here or anywhere along the Oregon Coast. He can do what he wants. I’ll do what I want. Will creation triumph over destruction? Isn’t that the eternal question we all have to answer every day of our lives. Create!!!!