Taking Stock of 2019

At the end of the year I always like to take stock of the various events and accomplishments in my life that unfolded. I guess you might call it a list. I believe the activity orders my mind and prepares me for the upcoming year.

I wrote and published two books. I worked on two others for possible publication in 2020.

I oversaw the production of two other Nestucca Spit Press books.

I provided my author coach services for nine writers.

I wrote around 100 personal letters.

I wrote well to cure the disease of mass incarceration in my country.

I posted approximately 200 times on the Meditations Blog.

I met an incredible person from Florida, an incredible person from Portland, and kept someone incredible living on the Central Oregon Coast in my life.

I tried and failed at reestablishing a special friendship with someone dear to me.

I reunited with my fifth grade teacher.

I built approximately 100 driftwood forts.

I got to know Reedsport really well.

I worked a construction job for four months and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I worked as an ad designer for a newspaper for three months and learned a lot.

I collaborated to produce 12 episodes of the Secret Coast Radio podcast.

I read approximately 125 books.

I walked the beach almost every morning I was in residence at the beach.

I taught three writing workshops.

I deepened the special friendships in my life.

I became friends with a chipmunk and a squirrel.

I spent more time with my parents than any other year of my adult life.

I collected approximately 800 pieces of beaverwood.

I reconnected with an old friend with Oregon City roots.

I became part of an art collective.

I had my first art show.

I always took the high road.

I broke even financially, but enriched myself substantially in the spiritual ledger.

I helped people.