Secret Coast Radio 9

Welcome to the Secret Coast Radio podcast broadcasting somewhere on the Secret Coast

Let us begin by saying:

We prefer the first person plural over the singular.

We prefer mystery over journalism.

We prefer Christmas tales over horror stories.

We prefer flag football over tackle football.

We prefer picking blackberries for our morning oatmeal over almost any other morning activity.

We prefer murals of whales or herons or elk decorating buildings over advertisements for health care, communications and athletic apparel conglomerates.

We prefer dropping out of national politics over tuning in, but realize that’s probably not the answer to create positive change.

Or maybe that is the answer. Just tune into local matters around you, or the three neighbors you’ve never said a word to, or the dog chained up in a muddy yard that weakens your spirit every morning on the drive to work.

We prefer laughter over vitriol, loafing over vexation, letting go over vainglory, love over vituperation.

We prefer RV names like Vixen and Golden Eagle over Ultra-lite and Mega Deluxe.

We prefer mindfulness over madness, measuring over mendacity.

We prefer the chirping and shrilling of a chipmunk waking us up in the morning over an alarm clock.

What is this podcast about? Who are we?

Like we said, mystery over journalism.

Let show number nine begin.

The link to the show is: