Return of the Fort Stoners

The fort stoners had returned. I opened the message container and found a tiny sealed envelope with “Weed Inside” written in black marker on it. I felt the envelope. Then I smelled it. Sure enough, there was a nug inside. I laughed and left the envelope alone.

Another new message wasn’t really a message at all. Someone had written a 75-word blast of fiction about a fantasy world where a 247-year-old woman lived in a driftwood fort and practiced ocean magic. There was only one typo.

Someone else left behind an exquisite ink illustration of a hand writing with a pen.

What a conversation—if conversation is the word—these fort containers inspire! Who are these wonderful people who wander inside a fort, open the container, and write or draw or give away drugs?

Weed. Art. Fantasy driftwood fort fiction. Life is good at the fort.