Response to Fort Protest

A while back, someone destroyed one of the forts I built and left the following note behind in my fort message box:

There’s enough

structures in the

world without you

also adding structures at

an undeveloped beach. I

enjoy undoing your work

every night.

At the time, I didn’t know how to respond, but mulled over the various possibilities:

Don’t respond.

Build another fort and see what happens.

Build a fort and stake it out, wait for him. Gather more intelligence.

Leave a message behind asking for a parley.

Leave an essay behind that shares my philosophy about fort building.

Leave a note behind saying he’s one in a million who hates my forts.

Leave a sentence behind asking why he’s so angry at a corral fort.

Leave an invitation behind asking for a longer explanation for his hostility toward the fort.

Leave him a screed that rips his wrongheadedness about forts.

Challenge to him some kind of duel.

Set up a booby trap.

A week or so ago, I built a new fort not far from where the destroyed once stood. I left behind a note (see graphic) inside a container.

I returned to the fort three days later and it had collapsed in a manner inconsistent with a collapse caused by winds or tides. (I know about these things.) I opened the container but couldn’t tell if the note had been read or not.

Now what? Do I continue to invite reflection and reconsideration? Do I give up? Do I put my fort energy elsewhere?