Polishing and Professionalizing Your Writing: A Workshop

All writers, whether a beginner or published, hobbyist or professional, can benefit from participating in innovative exercises that polish and refine writing and stimulate thinking on how to improve one’s craft, technically and creatively. It’s an important step to publication.

Join me Saturday, November 11th, for a writing workshop in Astoria that I call “Polishing and Professionalizing Your Writing.” In the workshop, I will guide participants through a series of exercises and discussions that improve the writer’s intent, organization, voice and engagement with readers. The workshop will help writers of creative nonfiction, fiction, grant and report writers, magazine and newspaper contributors, even poets, polish their prose to deliver better writing to their respective audiences.

Workshop exercises include: experimenting with different ways of opening pieces and paragraphs; writing in the active versus passive voice; focusing on brevity and clarity; keeping a consistent tone and psychic distance in a piece of writing; exploring a subject from a point of passion and curiosity; how to write more dynamic dialogue; how to employ repetition for stylistic effect.

The workshop runs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Astoria in a private home. The class costs $65 and will cap at 15 participants. Participants will pay at the beginning of the workshop. Scholarships are also available. To register, email me.