A morning email from Linda arrived with the subject line: THE MOTHER OF ALL PUDDINGS. It asked me if I wanted some super fancy banana cream pudding her son in New York City had mailed her. He’d sent two buckets and she and Gary couldn’t possibly eat it all. We could meet in OTA country for the delivery.

What the hell?

Of course I wanted banana cream pudding mailed from New York City. Of course I wanted to pick it up in OTA country! When I did, it would be the first and last delivery of its kind on the history of OTA!

We met later that day. Linda had the pudding in a paper sack and included a card about the pudding. Facts about bananas! Absurd! I was tempted to eat the pudding right there, but held off. I wanted to relish the mere prospect of eating it, yes, relish indeed. That evening, I would eat the pudding around a camp fire and quite possibly be the only person in the world at that time—or ever—to eat banana cream pudding around a camp fire.