Of Thinking in Rain

A woman from the land of sun bought a copy of the rain book. I wonder if it will work in her mind and heart while reading it where there is no rain. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Maybe that book was really one big fat metaphor.

I just returned from a long walk in rain and my thoughts of projects, people and possibilities were raining through me.

Rain is tinkling on the roof as I write this.

One of the sights I particularly notice when I am walking in rain is how rain erodes human constructs: roads, bridges, houses, boats, cars, barns, chairs, toys, lawnmowers, etc.

Many people are eroded by rain. Some can escape.

I wonder if I’ll ever leave the region where it can rain 90 inches a year. What would a year in the desert do to me?

More signs of the new American diaspora are appearing. People are on the move and checking out. They check out in various ways. I still want to be engaged with America and American people.

This blog may go on hiatus soon, as I turn to fiction and fiction that doesn’t work well as presented on a blog. We’ll see. After two years and over 600 posts, maybe it’s time to scale back….once a week instead five or six times. Something interesting is always happening to me and I suppose I’ll still want to share it with the few reader who are reading this.