Notes for a Rain Novel

A woman of the sun comes to visit a man of rain. There is possible romance in their weather. He looks forward to walks with her, forecasting what their future might hold in the land of rain. She’ll throw out her forecasts as well. Two forecasts will perhaps merge and reveal the true weather in their lives.

Both of them need new true weather. They know that, but it remains somewhat unspoken in their communications.

She visits and during her visit, it rains a record amount: rivers flood, roofs leak, roads get washed out. It pushes everything to the brink. In some cases, over.

They cannot leave his domicile. He wants them to brave it, walk in rain, relentless rain. He has the clothes ready for her. They might even work.

She won’t walk. She won’t advance into rain, into walls of gray. Her eyes and voice begin to change as the sounds of rain on his domicile begin to infiltrate her in ways she didn’t fathom. It feels almost dangerous and her mind races.

He walks alone. While he walks he thinks of her and wonders if rain had not fallen in record amounts, she might think differently of him and this place. For the first time in his life, he doubts rain. He wonders if it finally came to him in the form of something evil. The thought shudders him. He has always believed in rain and never in the cliché that rain foments depression.

By day four, it goes well beyond stir crazy for her. The medications have failed. She has to leave and they make plans for her escape from rain. No, not really from rain, but from him.

The novel takes place in the time the rain begins until they drive away (in rain, of course) and she returns to the land of the sun.