What Friends Did For Me Last Week

Healed my sore shoulder via massage and metaphors.

Entered into a long discussion on the growing relevance of Orwell’s 1984.

Talked with me with me on the lawn about the physic dread present in Astoria and overtaking the country.

Brought me a wonderful lunch and asked, “How are you?”

Gave me a free hair cut.

Called me.

Returned my call.

Bought me books: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Jesuits of Old Oregon, The Siskiyou Two-Step and Maigret and the Old Lady.

Listened to my idea for a PNW-themed detective novel/show.

Read The Snow Leopard on my recommendation and found it an enlightening experience.

Gigged my books in strange exciting places.

Bought me plum jam, blue beads and starters for leeks.

Appeared in my back yard (a raccoon).

Let me temporarily adopt their dog.

Wrote me a handwritten letter.

Brought me homemade apple sauce made from an ancient tree surrounded by asphalt.

Came over and helped me whip the yard into shape.

Wrote an email that he was attempting to employ magic to help me find a job.

Made a contribution to the blog.

Made a contribution the blog.

Made a contribution to the blog.

Sought my advice on a matter related to getting the history of the Beach Bill right.

Loaned me a weed whacker.

Loaned me a lethal rat trap that I am determined not to use because I am going to talk the rat right out of the garage by becoming his friend.