Fort Destroyer Response 2

I had pondered how I might next respond to the Fort Destroyer. I was on the verge of letting go, when a friend suggested I build about a dozen forts in the general area of the destruction, and leave it at that. No notes. No words. A silent, massive, peaceful counterattack of forts and sculptures and other forms of beach art that involved kelp, shells, rocks, feathers, and whatever other treasures the ocean offered. My friend suggested a creative all-nighter but I am more of a dawn’s early-light-kind of person.

A couple of days ago, I drove by the beach where the destruction occurred and to my great surprise and delight, a fort stood! Fort fairies abound!

They are always built. People can’t help themselves. Neither can the fairies. The forts always wash away.

Two days later, the lone fort still stood, and at 6:30 in the morning, with the beach shrouded in fog, I pulled over while driving to work and added some wood and decorative flourishes to that fort, and built another one a hundred years away.

It was the beginning or it was the end or it was nothing linear at all in my narrative with the Fort Destroyer.. Let us see where it goes. I know I enjoyed every second of building in the fog and cultivated good thoughts to use the rest of the day.