Faces in Fact and Fiction Writing Workshop on Sept. 16

Faces are everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes, textures and disguises. Do we see them? Do we ignore them? What are the unforgettable faces in our lives? What are the ones we yearn to reinspect or never encounter again? What ideal faces should adorn our currency or Mt Rushmore? How do faces differ from masks? What do you see when you look in the mirror? What about the faces of our beloved pets? Who do you want to face off with, hockey style? What is the mystery in the Rolling Stones’ hazy, lilting song, “I Just Wanna See His Face,” off Exile on Main Street?

Writers make use of faces all the time in their screenplays, songs, poetry, fiction, essays, commentary and memoirs. They are an essential ingredient to the creative process and exploring the contours of humanity. Moreover, one sublime or excruciating face can be the launching point for an entire literary project, double live album or adopting a dog on a whim!

Join me Saturday, September 16th, for a unique writing and creative thinking workshop in Astoria that I call “Faces in Fact and Fiction.” In the workshop, I will guide participants through a series of face-themed writing prompts generated from short readings, visual images, objects and discussion. The writer can respond to the prompts with fiction, nonfiction or whatever direction he or she chooses.

The workshop runs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Astoria in a private home. The class costs $65 and will cap at 15 participants. Participants will pay at the beginning of the workshop. Scholarships are also available. To register, email me.