Elk Coffee Shop

I’m drinking cheap coffee while watching elk lounging in a pasture. I’ve got a convenience-store doughnut nearby but probably won’t eat it.

Clouds cling to the conifers in the background.

An 8-point buck stands apart from the rest of the herd. He’s grazing near a slough.

Elk are out there in the mist, but they really aren’t on my mind like they have been in recent years.

I don’t know what’s on my mind.

Log trucks roll past behind me.

I feel fit in body and mind. Possibilities are possible.

I wrote on this blog a few months ago about following elk, in reality and metaphor, to find and create new opportunities.

I followed them. I found interesting new things. People were there, too.

I sip my coffee. I think about a recent encounter where I could have sampled elk chili. I just couldn’t go there.