Dear Anonymous Letter Writer

Dear Anonymous Letter Writer:

I received your anonymous letter in the mail yesterday afternoon and read it immediately in my Beaverwood Writing Studio while drinking mint tea. At the time your letter arrived, I was working on a long, strange essay about my youth in Oregon City that I am writing for no discernible reason except that I can’t seem to stop. Perhaps I am onto something important. It feels that way.

Actually, I read your letter three times because it was extraordinary. Your wise and uplifting words found me at precisely the right time I needed to read them. I can hardly believe that is a coincidence. I can hardy believe you discovered the new blog, let alone that mentioned taking a recommendation from the site and are enjoying Jim Harrison’s Dalva. This reminds me yet again how cosmic this novel is in my life and charts a path where I want to return in my life.

Thank you for the time and palpable care you expended on my behalf. You made me think about where I am going these days and almost brought me to tears when you wrote, “Thank you for being a teacher even now.” Reading that sentence instantly brought to mind this electric idea: perhaps I am engaged in the greatest teaching gig of my life and didn’t even realize. But what am I teaching? Who am I teaching (besides myself)? These are questions rich in possibilities for me to answer.

I would like to correspond with you in the old-fashioned manner you shrewdly employed to reach out to me. Would that be okay? I need an address and a name would nice as well. You can also reach me through the web site to move things along quicker, but sometimes slow is better.

Thank you again. It truly was incredible to realize that receiving a letter from a total stranger could produce such keen insights and warm feelings within me. I sincerely hope I get to read more of your words to me.

Matt Love

PS: I have another book recommendation for you. Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard, about his Zen-infused trek to the Himalayans to spot an elusive creature. I am rereading this book for the fifth time right now and it has taken all new meaning. It’s providing the clarity I need.