Crime/Detective Fiction Writing Workshop Part 2


Six months ago, I held a detective fiction writing workshop that was well attended and well received. Several the participants have since contacted me and asked if I would hold a follow-up session.

Here’s my idea for something novel. The Part 2 workshop would be held Saturday, Dec. 2 and Sunday Dec. 3 and work like this:

We would meet in an Astoria-area dive bar 3:00 pm on Saturday for a two-hour session of dark beer and some interesting writing prompts and discussion items. These places are exquisite to write this genre and walk into a story.

We would then meet Sunday at a private home in Astoria from 10-1 for a follow up and deeper treatment of the subject. The writer would need to come with a detective character in mind with a somewhat developed back story. This is what we worked through in Part 1 of the workshop. A writer doesn’t have to have participated in the first workshop to attend. He or she only needs to come with a detective character in mind.

In the second half of the workshop, we would run through exercises on writing dialogue, how to introduce clues, advancing plot, and a unique Dashielle Hammett exercise that will further develop the detective’s back story and methodology for solving a case.

The workshop would cost $100. If you are interested, let me know via email through the NSP web site. December is the best black time to write this kind of fiction. I hope some of us can come together and advance our respective ideas. There were some damn good ones presented in the first workshop.