Corona Virus Thoughts 8

You can feel the resistance gaining strength. You can feel many Americans getting dumber by the minute. You can feel that the pandemic probably won’t make a difference. Americans simply have no attention span anymore. I think they used to. I mean, they could sit on the grass and listen to Lincoln and Douglas debate for three hours! Of course Lincoln lost that election.

I am reading Carlos Castaneda’s The Teachings of Don Juan for the first time. It has a great peyote induced scene with a dog that I need to integrate in the dog book. I’m still writing about dogs and I don’t have one. I think next year I will.

I keep thinking about the recent space shot. There I was in OTA country when it happened, the fascist President was in Florida cheering it on, there were racial protests tearing up cities, we had TWO undeclared wars still going on………and I thought it was 1969. Then I head the announcer say the new rocket “flies like a smart phone” and I knew we had progressed, except for music.

The Christmas book is going to happen. I want to get these tales out. But is there a market for a Christmas book this coming Christmas? What will the holiday season look like?

Rain is falling on my domicile as I write this. I hope my chipmunk friend shows up for his lunch. He damn near knocks on the door these days for his grub.

We passed 108k virus deaths in the country. Sports are coming back, though!