Corona Virus Thoughts #6

Why do some people reach out during a crisis while others do nothing?

Trump supporters will stay loyal to the very end as did many Germans stay loyal to Hitler to the very end as did many Southerners stay loyal to the Confederacy and institution of slavery. Nothing really ever changes for fanatics. They can’t simply wake up from the spell and say, “Wow. I was wrong.” They can’t stop falling when they’ve jumped off a cliff and then fly upward to stand on the cliff again.

I continue to walk into strange stories during the self quarantining.

I recently heard perhaps the most preposterous but utterly believable story about beavers and beaverwood. I will try to write it up later but my storytelling talent may prove inadequate to capture its sheer farcical magic.

I’ve written another country song. This one is based on something I heard on Christian radio on Easter Sunday. It’s called “Jesus Will Rise on the Internet” and it is a sure fire hit. One stanza goes: They couldn’t go to church on Easter Sunday /They couldn’t have a potluck with green bean casserole / They couldn’t wear their wrinkled suits or pretty homespun dresses / They couldn’t drink Christ’s blood in shiny silver cups / But roll away the stone for the returned savior, ’cause Jesus will rise on the internet.

Another line goes: They couldn’t fixate on the crucifixion / They couldn’t sing songs of the devil and superstition…

I am writing this outside enshrouded in fog. I can’t ever recall writing in fog before. I kind of dig it.

My neighbor is letting me walk his dog again. He threw in the towel on social distancing. Joy!

Who would have ever thought that “taking a drive into the country” would return as a major form of recreation. In the early 60s it was the number one rated “outdoor recreation” activity in America. I am not making that up. I came across that fact while researching a story about Highway 101 and the Oregon Coast.

Someone knocked on my door the other day and gave me a bag of fresh trout. It was caught by perhaps the most strangely delightful pair of fishermen in the world.

I wish some people would order some books from me. I would load them up with some extra goodies.

I’ve started wearing windbreakers again. I can’t believe I ever got out of the habit.