Corona Virus Thoughts #11

More people are losing it. Many already have.

A man running a chainsaw for no reason and cutting down wooden parking barriers. A man carrying a lunch pail walking down a street with his jeans around his ankles. A large bearded man with his shirt rolled up to reveal his gut wearing a black sneaker and a white sneaker (different brands) in a bookstore. There will be more sightings, in the coming weeks and months (years?), a lot more.

I wonder if someone thinks I’ve lost it when they see me building driftwood forts? They would be wrong if they did.

The President of the United States touts the expertise of a quack who believes alien DNA is part of human physiology, meaning at some point in human history humans had demon sex with creatures from outer space.

The fools running the pro sports leagues persist in playing sports in empty arenas and stadiums. That’s what is important to them. They believe millionaire pro athletes will abide by the social distancing guidelines. Sure they will. Just like the poor people are.

The Feds have announced they are pulling out of downtown Portland. They got their asses kicked.

A woman dressed in bright yellow and orange has set up shop in a vacant lot along 101 to gather signatures to force a recall vote on Governor Brown. I won’t sign it but I admire her pluck. She got off her ass to sit on her ass and keep some blood pumping through the First amendment’s largely ignored right to petition to redress grievances. You still have to gather them in person in Oregon and elsewhere, to qualify ballots and recalls for a real vote. I wonder if that will ever change. I hope not. Nor should the paper ballot ever go away. Just don’t make people wait in lines, (often outside in terrible weather) drive long distances, and rely on piece-of-shit voting machines hacked by foreign governments.

When are they going to release all nonviolent offender serving absurdly long sentences for non violent crimes?

The virus rages on through America. Our diseased body politic was ripe for invasion. That is not a metaphor.

A day or so ago, I encountered an Oregon Lottery employee unmasked while inside a store checking on Keno and other gambling matters. He was an older white man. I confronted him. I asked if he was a state employee. Yes. You are required to wear a mask. I need to tell you something about masks. I’m not interested in your opinion. The Governor of Oregon has mandated them. You are breaking the law. I’m an Oregon citizen complying with the law. He didn’t say anything. He just stood there and looked dumbfounded and stupid. I made my purchase and left. I walked by his state rig. I considered taking a picture of it and contacting his supervisor. But I am not quite there yet. I let him know. He might consider my words. Probably not since he was maskless in the first place. If I see him again like this in the performance of his duties, I will take the next step.