Corona Virus Thoughts #10

More anti-mask meatheads about. To encounter them is to encounter sheer stupidity. They are dull in mind and sick in the soul. What brought them to this choice?

I saw another one the other day, a woman with a small child, in the grocery store. She looked sullen in the face. She was teaching her kid well.

Things are really seizing up in America.

I was in Oregon Tavern Age country the other day and it felt dead. A clearcut has more life.

I’m reading Gore Vidal’s political essays and novels of American history again. He was right about everything in our founding and expansion as a nation. Everyone should read him.

The sports chat dummies think there will be football this fall. It’s incredible to hear their delusional talk.

I wonder if professional golfers playing tournaments right no without any fans think what they are doing is irrelevant and a little embarrassing.

I just fed my chipmunk buddy Jimmers for the third time today! He’s the only routine I have.

I read on the Oregon Public Broadcasting news site that the Oregon Legislature is coming up with $4.7 million dollars for the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. This is on top of over $7 million the Festival has already received from the federal government and private donors to help them survive a canceled season. This seems like a highly dubious use of taxpayer’s money during the pandemic. I mean, look around! Look at the obvious needs!

Why not the Oregon Country Fair, too?