Chipmunk Sex Fever!

About a year ago, I struck up an improbable friendship with a magic mushroom nibbling chipmunk I dubbed Jimmers, after the mushroom munching dead rock star, Jim Morrison. We’ve been bosom buddies ever since and I keep him supplied in peanuts, which he shells like corn on the cob on a tree branch over my domicile. He’s become so brazen in his entreaties for peanuts that he summons me at the crack of dawn or knocks on the door wearing a monocle and ascot!

About a week ago, Jimmers was racing around the tree with another chipmunk in mad pursuit. He was shrilling and chirping at the interloper but the other chipmunk stood his limb and gave it right back to Jimmers. It was quite the spectacle and utterly delighted me.

A couple days later I walked out to the shore pine were I feed Jimmers and was shocked to see him mounting the other chipmunk from behind as they clung upright on the trunk. Oh my! Jimmers really was giving it to his new girlfriend but it didn’t last very long and then they scampered down the tree together and each cracked open a peanut and chewed it like so much a cigarette after sex. Fun!