But She Don’t Care

I walked the beach in the early morning, thinking about an Oregon Christmas tale I want to write and publish in secret, when some writing in the sand caught my eye. It always does and always read every word. You typically get two subjects: love and death, with sometimes a wild card political statement thrown in.

The writing read: But She Don’t Care.

Interestingly enough, it was one capitalized word per line and the lines weren’t flush left, but written in a ragged left typesetting format. And of course, the statement was ungrammatical and practically screamed out for a country song!

Oh what a story prompt this would have made for my creative writing students! You can take it a million directions. In my mind, standing there, I took it on a mini-memoir route and recalled the only time I wrote in the sand in a moment of anguish about a break up (I was dumped.)

I simply wrote her name and then Why? I did use a comma to separate the words.