Beaver Cards!

I received one of the more extraordinary gifts of my life the other day. A friend gifted me with five beaver-themed cards decorated exclusively with vintage ink stamps. Ink stamps! They are so exquisitely beautiful and quintessentially Oregon and entirely align with my current writing, publishing, driftwood fort building and beaverwood sculpturing, that I may not be able to part with them.

But I will. They need to go out in the world and delight others. Well, at least five people.

I need to write something special on these cards to special people in my life.

Just look at these works of art!

Before seeing these cards, I had absolutely no idea of the artistic potential of ink stamping. Why hadn’t I collected these over the years and used them when signing books or with my creative writing students? Ken Kesey used them all the time when he had signed books. Color ones!!!!!!! Multiple colors for one signing! Psychedelic! The idea was there for me to rip off the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend, who has amassed hundreds, if not thousands of ink stamps in her studio, assured me she could make more cards. I asked if I could commission one with Jesus and a beaver. She said yes! She had a Jesus stamp and pulled it from the rack. The classic long haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian look!

I asked for a hierarchy in the design. Beaver above Jesus. Jesus below beaver. Monotheism at the feet of nature, as it damn well should be, and once was. She agreed.

Coming soon.