A Gift of Beaverwood Art

A special friend was having a landmark birthday. The occasion called for an extraordinary gift—a hard core Oregon gift. I thought and thought about what to give, and nothing came to me. Then one morning on the beach, I found a choice cut of beaverwood, and PRESTO! The idea came to me!

I presented the beaverwood to an artist who lives near me. I commissioned the artist to paint a beaver on the beaverwood. I told him I wanted the beaver to look maniacal. That was it. I pitched a price and he agreed.

The next day the artist knocked on my door and presented this piece of art. The beaver was maniacal all right. He was wielding a chainsaw! I was delighted beyond belief and gave him a tip.

A week or so later I gave the present to my special friend and she loved it. It’s now on display in her home.