100,000 Reads and Support for the Blog

The Meditations Blog recently passed a milestone of sorts—100,000 page reads—according to Google Analytics. People have read it in New York, Florida, Germany, Australia, Portland, Newport, Astoria, Seattle, Olympia, St. Helens, Lincoln City, Gold Beach and beyond. It’s still a mystery to me how people come to find the blog because I’ve done almost no promotion for it.

Thank you readers. Thank you for spending time with my writing. Thank you for sharing it with your friends and family. When I launched the blog in late March, I had no idea where it would go and what I would write. I just felt an overwhelming desire to write and share some of what was going through my mind as I try to navigate this strange, trying and complicated period of my life. Whether the writing will actually aid in a successful navigation remains to be seen. I have no expectations.

Many readers have responded positively to my writing and contacted me directly. Some have not. The detractors are out there still doing their detracting.

I also want to thank those readers who subscribed and made financial contributions to the blog. I’d like to make another appeal to readers to support the blog via a payment via Paypal or other arrangement. I do work hard on these pieces and intuit that some my words are connecting to people and providing some grains of universal value beyond my struggle with my current tenuous situation. Please also consider buying some of the books, particularly The Gigging Life, if you know someone who takes their passion and creativity out to people like I used to do. I think that book has some good lessons in it for creative entrepreneurs.

The blog feels like it will head in a new direction in October. I sense I won’t be writing much about my situation. I’ve said enough on that subject and have another 10,000 words about it that I’ve left off the blog. One day, this material may find a place to be published.

What exactly this new direction will be is unclear to me as of this writing. It will emerge, though. Probably on the beach.

I will continue to write about Oregon Tavern Age, Bonnie and Clyde, driftwood forts, beaches and unexpected surprises.

I have about 8,000 words on growing up in Oregon City that I might share. I think some fiction starts and stuff about tennis are coming, too, the latter just in time for two big tennis movies! (Riggs and King! McEnroe and Borg! And where is the bio-pic about Arthur Ashe, the greatest American sportsman of all time?)

Again, thanks for reading. Thanks to those who reached out. Thanks for any contribution you might make. It does help. I will continue to work hard with my writing and service to others (dogs, too) to honor your faith in me. That not-giving-up-on-me has made the crucial difference in my life.

(If you found this post enjoyable, thought provoking or enlightening, please consider supporting a writer at work by making a financial contribution to this blog or by purchasing an NSP book.)